About Us


Hi, we are Sam and Judy Robbins, “golden years” travelers. By “golden years” we mean that time of life, regardless of age, but typically after retirement, when you have time and energy to travel but before that period of life when you’re inevitably too old to really enjoy it.

A frequent problem in the golden years is that you may have more time to travel than money. This blog is about being able to travel a lot without spending a lot of money. That’s what we have been doing for over twenty years by doing home exchanges. So in this blog we’re going to tell you about home exchanging.  Home exchange can provide you free accommodations, often an auto exchange, and a chance to make new friends around the world, but you do have to get there and back, so we’ll tell you about our experiences in getting free and low-cost airfares and other travel bargains.

We’ll also talk about what we’ve learned about how to pack, how to save money on rental cars, how to stay in touch with family and friends back home and other subjects that are all a part of the world of travel.

We talk about home exchanging a lot with friends, family and people we meet along the way. We enjoy talking and writing about it. If you have questions or if you’d just like to talk to us about home exchanging or travel, please click here to send us an email. We’d love to talk to you about it