Preparing Your Listing

brouleeYour listing is very important because it will be the information other members will use to evaluate whether they will want to exchange with you.  You want it to make the best impression possible but of course it is essential that you be absolutely truthful about what an exchange partner will experience.   As mentioned before, home exchange is based on trust and you never want to do anything to create mistrust.

A good starting point to developing your listing is to take pictures of your home, exterior and interior.  In this process you will likely begin to look at your home with new eyes and perhaps see a better way to arrange furniture or artwork to not only make a better picture but also an improvement in your home.  That’s a hidden benefit of home exchange.  You can also include pictures of your city or town or countryside in your group of pictures to convey these aspects of your home.  It is good if all the pictures are the same size and shape.

Next you want to provide a written description of your home that explains the things that exchangers will want to know about it.

Include a description of your neighborhood and your city or town and the things you like about it.  Include activities that are available, cultural events, restaurants, and things that are available in short day trips.

Include in your listing places you would like to visit and indicate whether you are open to offers in other places.  Indicate whether there are limitations on the times you can exchange and what those are.

Finally, include information about yourself to help potential exchange partners get to know you.  Perhaps include a picture of yourselves in your group of pictures.

All these things give prospective exchange partners a very good idea of your offer, and the system gives you, of course, a very good idea of what others offer.

Your listing alone can do a good job of presenting your offer, but many websites also allow a link to a personal website, where you can provide unlimited additional information if you wish.  So, if you have a personal website, you may be able to list it in your listing.  You can see our example of a personal website by clicking here.   If you would like to easily develop one for yourself, you can find information about doing that by clicking here.