Preparing Your Listing


Your listing is very important because it will be the information other members will use to evaluate whether they will want to exchange with you.  You want it to make the best impression possible but of course it is essential that you be absolutely truthful about what an exchange partner will experience.   As mentioned before, […]

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Staying in Touch When You Travel


  Many times nowadays your exchange home will have not only broadband internet access, but also a computer with Skype or other means to make international calls cheaply or free. If you have a wireless internet connection either in the home you’re staying in, or at an internet café, it is very advantageous to have […]

How to Find A Good Home Exchange Partner


  Sometimes, delightfully, you will receive an unexpected exchange request from an exchanger with a marvelous house, say, with a pool, in a marvelous place, say, near a national park in Australia,  who wants to do an exchange at a time that suits you perfectly.  That is wonderful, but you should know that it doesn’t […]

Making the Most of Your Golden Years

If, in your golden years, you would like to travel but don’t want to, or can’t, spend a lot of money to do it, you need to know about home exchange. This can not only enable you to  save thousands of dollars on accommodations and car rentals, but also allow you to live like a local, […]

The World of Home Exchange

Here’s another reason to thank a teacher: It was teachers and other academics who pioneered exchanging homes in an organized way in the 1950s. Because they had the summers off they had plenty of time to travel but typically needed to do it less expensively. Because home exchange offers so many compelling benefits – free […]