Finally, a travel camera we can love completely: Canon Powershot SX280

For many years we have relied on compact cameras to record our travel memories and have been generally satisfied with our results.  But all of the various cameras we’ve owned have had their shortcomings.  Ten years ago, it might have been the shutter delays, picture resolution or quality of the pictures that was most noticeable.

Over time, cameras improved, offering features that we had not even earlier imagined such as improved picture quality, the ability to capture video, extreme zooming, image stabilization, settings for night scenes.  We had noticed that additional features such as GPS and WiFi  and Bluetooth connectivity had begun to appear in newer cameras.

Nevertheless, even as such improvements emerged, there was no one camera, at least in our price range, that we could love completely.  At the beginning of this year, each of us had a different camera.  Judy had a Canon she liked because it had a viewfinder and took high quality pictures.  A significant problem with the camera was that pictures she took using the zoom were often blurry.  I attributed it to camera movement and advised her to keep the camera very still when using the zoom.

I had a Nikon which took pictures that didn’t seem as high quality as the Canon but had other features that were great.  It had settings for night scene photography which were amazing and there were fewer problems with the zoom.  It also captured HD video.

While on travel this Spring it happened that both our cameras needed to be replaced.  It happened to me first, when the chip apparently went bad and it became impossible to take a picture with the camera.

I researched cameras then on the market, looking for a compact camera that would be easy to travel with and carry around.  I valued picture quality, the ability to capture HD video and also wanted to have GPS in the camera to record the places where the pictures are taken.

The camera I chose was the Canon Powershot SX280.  It was in our price range and had very favorable reviews on Amazon so I had high expectations.  Nevertheless when I began using it, I was blown away.  I used the zoom to frame a bird a hundred yards away and took the picture handheld.  The sharpness and clarity of the picture was astounding.  It was hard to believe.

We compared all the features of the camera with our previous cameras and concluded that finally we had found a camera that would be perfect for our needs.

After taking another picture using zoom with her old camera with the camera braced on a railing to keep it still, my wife decided she wanted to replace her camera as well.  The camera I had purchased was black and the same model is available in red.  So she bought a red one and we are both very happy with our purchases because this camera seems to have it all:  Portability, high quality pictures, HD video, GPS, optical image stabalizer, excellent low-light performance, excellent hand-held night scene results, and a reasonable price.

In our travels, we find ourselves often recommending this camera to fellow travelers so we decided to write about it in this blog entry.

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